How to verify Blackglama authenticity?


Every fur garment with Alessandro Bosso lable has several authenticity points. Our clients can easily check them on any Alessandro Bosso garment. We use Blackglama Top Quality skins for our clients so we will show you how to verify your Blackglama fur product authenticity. We urge you to do this step!

Each Blackglama pelt is hand selected and inspected by American Legend Cooperative's experienced graders. To qualify as Blackglama, the pelt must be free of any imperfections on both the fur and leather.

With such high criteria, less than 2% of the world's mink population earns the exclusive Blackglama name and can bear the coveted Blackglama label.

Blackglama garments carry a label displaying a unique serial number, providing permanent identification, as well as other security features that ensure that the label is genuine—not an imitation.


All you have to do is to follow 4 steps:

1) Find the Blackglama label at yours Alessandro Bosso Fur coat

 1.Alessandro Bosso FUR Blackglama Label Authenticity

2) Visit the url

2.Alessandro Bosso FUR Blackglama Label Authenticity

3) Fill the following information. (City, County and Serial Number). See the Example.

3.Alessandro Bosso FUR Blackglama Label Authenticity

4) Click "Verify" and done! See the result. "Your Mink is Authentic!"

4.Alessandro Bosso FUR Blackglama Label Authenticity



Blackglama (1).jpgBlackglama (2).jpgBlackglama (3).jpgBlackglama (4).jpgBlackglama (5).jpgBlackglama (6).jpgblackglama_alessandrobosso_verify_label.jpg

How to Choose a Quality Fur Coat?

A real fur coat is both a luxury and an investment. Before you purchase one, you should consider the type of coat and the type of fur that will best suit your needs. You should also pay careful attention to the quality of a coat in order to get the most for your money. And also be careful where you get the fur coat from, as many are from sources which skin the animals while they are still alive. This is a fact, so please don't delete this piece of information.

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