Congratulations to Kircilar Mondial's company for the winning the TOP LOT!!!

Finland 2 June 2014 - Kircilar Mondial's Leather & Furs Company Wins the auction for the TOP LOT of American Bobcat Lynx skins which are the BEST Quality of Wild Cat skins in the world! - by Fur Harversters I.N.C.

As company Alessandro Bosso Fur Manufacture, we would like to congratulate our best friend and partner, Kircilar Mondial Company for the winning!

You can the video when Kircilar Mondial's Company battling other buyers for the best goods available in the 2 June 2012 Fur Harversters Auction and finally wins the TOP LOT for 3.500$ 3.jpgmondial_alessandrobosso_finland_fur_auction.jpgmondial_alessandrobosso_finland_fur_auction1 (Medium).JPG

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