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A very well-written and encouraging article for Kastorian Furriers by Lady Fur

A very well-written and encouraging article for Kastoria city and Kastorian Furriers was published by Samantha De Reviziis aka Lady Fur at her blog

She talks about her experience in kastoria and how she feels about kastorian fur business which are like a big family. Personally I think the title says it all: Kastoria – a city rich of values and solid companies

As she writes at her article: "Greeks in general, but Kastoria in particular, can boast a fur sector that is light years ahead." Also she adds: "The Greeks have big families that through their unity can pass on love for work to sons and grandchildren, encouraging them to constantly improve themselves to make their companies more solid and to grow well."

There is no doubt that Samantha has experienced good moments here in Kastoria, moments that are hard to forget. It is known to anyone who knows her, that she loves and appreciates the ffur fashion and her opinion is valid. Need i say more? All we have to do is to wish to her, keep publishing awesome posts!

You can read the full article here


|Samantha De Revisiis is a young entrepreneur of the fur sector,is specialized in fashion design and she is also very well known on the web as Lady Fur.|



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