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High Quality Fur Products!

Quality, quality, quality.. Many people talking about this but, the High Quality is not a simple thing. Alessandro Bosso Fur Manufactury knows how to apply the greek handmade fur quality and details that highlight the luxury in every fur product. Just come and see how we work.. As Greeks,we will say: "Καλώς Ορίσατε! "

2014. 23. June Snapshots
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Hello Happy Customers!

A picture is worth a thousand words. A family photo of some of our happy customers! Thank you for choosing once again our company for buying fur coats.

Written by Eleni 2014. 1. May Snapshots 32537 Hits
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We are waiting for you at our Showrooms!

We are waiting for you at our Showrooms in Greece, Russia and United Arab Emirates! It will be our pleasure to assist you personally and to show you our fur collections. There is no doubt that you will love our models. Our trained staff will assist you on any question or concerns you may have regarding our fur products.

Written by Eleni 2014. 15. April News 24744 Hits
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